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10/2/2017Beat the Heat (of Your Competition) and get Your Winter Additive Program in Place Now!
Are you prepared to face the near and sub-zero temperatures of another cold season? Cold temperatures are here! Amalagamated, Inc offers winter additive packages which are available NOW. Don't wait until the temperature drops to protect your vehicles from the cold. Once your fuel gels it is too late. Don't risk your engine with an 'emergency' shot of and alcohol based additive after the fact, plan ahead.
5/16/2017Additive Promises: Facts or Fictions
What assurances does your additive supplier offer? Will they test their product with your fuel and provide you with the results so that you know their additive is working the way they claim it does? Amalgamated, Inc does.
2/21/2017Visit us at the Mid-American Trucking Show 2017
Have questions about fuel additives? Want to get answers that make sense and are not coated in marketing fluff? Stop by and see us at booth #62220 at the Mid-American Trucking Show in Louisville, KY. Show runs from March 23rd to March 25th.
2/15/2017Customer Self Testing Underway
Recently a company initiated a test program of Amalgamated, Inc's TDR-FL product. The results...
9/29/2016The "Right Way" and the "Wrong Way" to Build a Good Diesel Fuel Performance and/or Winterization Additive
Amalgamated, Inc has a new, two part article available. Part 1 addresses the "RIGHT" and "WRONG" way to build a quality diesel fuel performance additive. Part 1 of the article is set for publication in October 2016. Part 2 focuses on the "RIGHT" and "WRONG" way to build a winterization diesel fuel additive. Publication for the 2nd part is to follow in November. Request your advance copy today!
2/1/2016"NEW" DPF REGEN ADDITIVE available
Amalgamated, Inc has the solution to decrease DPF regens and eliminate most EGR valve cleaning IN ADDITION to improving notoriously low MPG in diesel fleets.
11/16/2015Minus 30 Degrees (-30F) and NO PROBLEMS!
Extremely cold weather caused disruptions everywhere in the U.S over the past two years. Improperly treated diesel fuel was the culprit in most cases. Amalgamated, Inc's customers did not report having a single instance fuel related out-of-service down time. We want to help you achieve the same incredible results this winter.
9/7/2015Cetane Improver Available in Bulk!
When added to diesel fuel, cetane improver increases the Cetane Number Rating. Often it is necessary to do so to improve the performance of distillates which have less than adequate ignition quality. ASTM specifications in the United States calls for a minimum cetane index number of 40 and it is not uncommon for refiners to need to add cetane to their diesel fuels in order to meet minimum specifications. But what happens when the 'minimum' is not good enough for your customers?
5/25/2015Diesel Fuel Injector Issues
As fuel injection technology has evolved over the years, so have the problems associated with injector fouling and plugging. The result is that additional injector problems can come from internal injector deposits that can cause sticking.
9/16/20142013 Winter Fuel Problems are No Problem!
Last winter was one of the coldest on record. Did your diesel fleet experience any problems? There are a few questions you need to ask yourself...and only ONE answer.
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